Society for Anthropological Sciences Spring 2019 Meeting Schedule

Society for Anthropological Sciences Spring 2019 Meetings

with the Society for Applied Anthropology, Portland Oregon, March 20-23, 2019

There are many SAS members who are presenting in non-SAS sponsored sessions, so see the full program for other sessions of interest


WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50 Parlor C

Diverse Topics in Anthropological Science (SAS)


  • MARTIN, Melanie (UW) Assessing Local Variability in Standardized Growth Outcomes Derived from International vs. Within-Population References: Considerations for Biological Relevance
  • ANDERSON, E. N. (UCR) Cycles of Empire
  • STAPLETON, Maria (NIU) and STAPLETON, Charles (NIU & Coll of DuPage) Negotiation of Indigenous Identity in Rural Mexico: Cultural Syncretism in Art and Ritual

WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50 Parlor C

Modalities of Intimacy (SAS)

CHAIRS: DE MUNCK, Victor (Vilnius U & SUNY New Paltz) and DEMOSS, Lessye (U Alabama)

  • DE MUNCK, Victor (Vilnius U & SUNY New Paltz) Gay, Polyamorous and Straight Lovers: Is There One Model of Romantic Love That Fits All? DEMOSS, Lessye Joy (U Alabama) Performing a Model of Sacred Marriage
  • NELSON, Alex (UNLV) Intra-Cultural Variations in the Meaning of Romantic Love in South Korea
  • REINHARDT, Amy (SUNY New Paltz) Romantic Love and Hook-Up Culture
  • GLAYZER, Edward (MI State U) The Gendered Commodification of South Korean Dating Rituals: How to Find a Date Without Feeling “Uncomfortable”

WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20 Parlor C

Systems of Resilience (SAS)

CHAIR: JONES, Eric (UT HSC Houston)

  • JONES, Eric and MCCURDY, Sheryl (UT HSC Houston), NANCE, Earthea (TX Southern U), SHELTON, Kyle (Rice U), HOLCOMB, Jennifer (UT HSC Houston) Multiplexity in Interorganizational Networks Supporting Hurricane Harvey Recovery
  • WELLER, Susan (UTMB) Hurricane Evacuation Decisions
  • LINDGREN, Britta (Aerospace Corp, Retired) System Analysis of a Foraging Woman

WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20 Parlor C

Students in Cognitive Anthropology, Part I (SAS)


  • DELOUIZE, Alicia (U Oregon), LIEBERT, Melissa (NAU), EICK, Geeta (U Oregon), KOWAL, Paul, NAIDOO, Nirmala, and CHATTERJI, Somnath (WHO), FAN, Wu (Shanghai CDC), BIRITWUM, Richard (U Ghana), AROKIASAMY, Perianayagam (IIPS India), ROJA, Rosalba, LOPEZ RIDAURA, Ruy, and TELLEZ ROJO, Mara (NIPH Mexico), MAXIMOVA, Tamara (Russian Academy of Med Sci), REFIL WE PHASWANA- MAFUYA, Nancy and PELTZER, Karl (HSRC South Africa), SNODGRASS, Josh (U Oregon) Presence of Depression Based on a Symptom- Based Algorithm Versus a Clinical Depression Diagnosis in a Global Sample of Older Adults: The Influence of Socioeconomic Status
  • HOOD, John (NIU) Cultural Models of Democracy among Burmese Residents in the Midwestern United States
  • MONOCELLO, Lawrence (Larry) (U Alabama) Inter- and Intra-Cultural Variation in Male Body Ideals between Americans and Koreans
  • RANGEL, Maria (UT SPH, MD Anderson Cancer Ctr), JONES, Eric C. and PRIYADARSHANI, Dharia (UT SPH) Lifetime Exposure to Traumatic Events and Physical Health among Parents and Caregivers of Children Killed or Injured at the ABC Daycare Fire in Sonora, Mexico

WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20 Parlor C

Students in Cognitive Anthropology, Part II (SAS)


  • STAPLETON, Charles (NIU & DuPage Coll) and STAPLETON, Maria (NIU) Cultural Models of Nature in a Semi-rural Highland Community in Central Mexico: Phase III
  • STEPHEN, Emily (NIU) Cultural Models of Mental Illness of Outpatients and Clinicians in DeKalb, Illinois
  • FUKUSHIMA, Chisaki (Newcastle U) Cultural Models of Risk: Adaptation and Managing Food Consumption in Western Japan
  • SULLIVAN, Briana, LEE, Mary, and MURPHY, Shayna (SUNY New Paltz) What’s the Point?: Understanding Religious Identity among College-Aged Individuals


THURSDAY 8:00-9:50 Parlor C

Anthropological Sciences in Ethiopian Studies at Washington State University (SAS)


  • DIRA, Samuel (St. Lawrence U) Cultural Responses to Ecological Changes among the Sidama of Southwestern Ethiopia
  • CALVERT, Scott (WSU) Using Social Network Analysis to Track the Spread of Willingness to Abandon “Harmful Traditional Practices” in a Southwestern Ethiopian Community
  • HEWLETT, Bonnie (WSU) Innovation, Processes of Social Learning and Modes of Cultural Transmission among the Chabu Adolescent Forager- Farmers of Ethiopia
  • HEWLETT, Barry, BERL, R.E.W., and ASSOMA, A. (WSU) Genes, Language and Cultural Diversity in Southwestern Ethiopia
  • MESGANAW, Mihiret (WSU) Recrafting the Self among Amhara Immigrants in Minnesota

THURSDAY 1:30-3:20 Parlor C

Linguistic Methods in Cognitive Anthropology (SAS)

CHAIR: CHRISOMALIS, Stephen (Wayne State U)

  • BENNARDO, Giovanni (NIU) How to Investigate the Linguistic Expression of ‘Quality’ in Tongan, Polynesia
  • HERTZOG, Werner (Vanderbilt U) Formal Methods for Estimating Cognitive Distances: A Case Study in Chenalhó, Chiapas
  • KRONENFELD, David (UCR) Pragmatic Implications of Semantic Meaning
  • SKOGGARD, Ian (Yale U) Pragmatics of Affect:The Practice and Ethnology of Emotion Talk

THURSDAY 3:30-5:20 Parlor C

Innovations in Cultural Model Research (SAS)


  • DENGAH, Francois (USU), THOMAS, Elizabeth (SMU), HAWVERMALE, Erica (UNT), and TEMPLE, Essa (WWU) “Find that Balance”: The Impact of Cultural Consonance and Dissonance on Mental Health among Utah and Mormon Women
  • NORDIN, Andreas (U Gothenberg) Cultural Institutionalization and Ritualization of Supernatural Dream Imagery: Reports from a Case Study in a Hindu-Nepalese Context

THURSDAY 5:30-7:20 Cabinet Suite

SAS Executive Meeting


FRIDAY 10:00-11:50 Parlor C

Unpacking Social Inequality Using Mixed Method Approaches in the Field of Cognitive Anthropology (SAS)

CHAIR: HOLLEMAN, Mirjam (U Alabama)

  • DRESSLER, William (U Alabama) Culture as a Space of Meaning
  • ANDREWS, Courtney (U Alabama) La Buena Vida: Cultural Consonance and Health Outcomes among Mexican Women in Alabama
  • HOLLEMAN, Mirjam (U Alabama) Inclusion or Care: Models of Disability and Effects on Policy Aims in Poland
  • DEMOSS, Lessye Joy (U Alabama) Modest Aims: Life Goals and the Model of Family in a Small Southern City OTHS, Kathryn, MEYER-RASMUSSEN, Anne, and SMITH, Hannah N. (U Alabama) The Effects of Climate and Cultural Changes on Andean Healing Modalities

FRIDAY 12:00-1:20 Parlor C

Looking Towards the Future in Changing Times: New Scholarship in Anthropological Science (SAS)

CHAIR: CARSON, Sarah (U Penn)

  • SHAH, Rachel (Springfield Ctr & Durham U) Problems Anthropology Could Solve?: What Kind of Research Does Market Systems Development Need to Be Effective?
  • HURD, Kayla (U Notre Dame) (Re)Thinking Meat: Emerging Dietary Practices Due to Environmental Change
  • THOMAS, Michael (SAS) Human-Centered Design: Constraint Systems and Legitimate Representation
  • CARSON, Sarah (U Penn) Training Women to Run for Office: Gender and Leadership in Turbulent Times

FRIDAY 12:00-3:00 Skyline IV

Networking and Mentoring: Perspectives from Anthropological Sciences (SAS Workshop, Fee $20)


State U)

FRIDAY 1:30-4:00 Grand Ballroom


  • BROOMHEAD, Dee (NKU) “I’ve never met [a good woman]”: Gender Relations and Hegemonic Masculinity aboard Ohio River Towboats (SAS)

FRIDAY 1:30-3:20 Parlor C

Community Development and Sugar Cane Farming Knowledge: Findings of the 2018 Ethnographic Field School in Belize, Part I (SAS)


FRIDAY 1:30-6:30 Executive Suite

Cultural Consensus Analysis (SAS Workshop, Fee $45)

ORGANIZERS: GATEWOOD, John B. (Lehigh U) and LOWE, John W. (Cultural Analysis)

FRIDAY 3:30-5:20 Parlor C

Community Development and Sugar Cane Farming Knowledge: Findings of the 2018 Ethnographic Field School in Belize, Part II (SAS)


Laura (Charleston Coll), PONTECORVO, Adriane (Indiana U), SHIVERDECKER, Andrea (NKU)

FRIDAY 5:30-6:50 Galleria III

SAS Reception

FRIDAY 7:00-9:00 Galleria III

SAS Business Meeting


SATURDAY 8:00-9:50 Parlor C

Exploring Current Solutions to Methodological Problems in Biocultural Anthropology (SAS)

CHAIR: PLACEK, Caitlyn (Ball State U)

  • BOYETTE, Adam, LEW-LEVY, Sheina, VALCHY, Miegakanda, SARMA, Mallika, and GETTLER, Lee T. (Duke U) Unpacking Culture in Research on Parent and Child Health and Well- being: Examples from the Congo
  • CAUDELL, Mark (Food & Ag Org) and QUINLAN, Robert (WSU) Controlling for Interviewer Effects in Cross-Cultural Research: An Approach Using Cognitive Data from Ethiopia and Tanzania
  • HATHAWAY, Shelbie, GOEBEL, James, and PLACEK, Caitlyn (Ball State U) Recruiting Pregnant Opioid Users in the Midwest: Challenges and Future Directions
  • PLACEK, Caitlyn (BSU), SRINIVAS, Vijaya and JAYAKRISHNA, Poornima (Public Hlth Rsch Inst- India), MADHIVANAN, Purnima (FIU) Mixed- Methods and Repeated Measures in Substance Use Research: Implications for Informant Accuracy

SATURDAY 10:00-11:50 Parlor C

Irrigation Management Systems (SAS)

CHAIR: LYON, Stephen (Aga Khan U)

  • LYON, Stephen (Aga Khan U) Integrating Networks and Geospatial Data for Improved Irrigation Management along the Indus Valley in Pakistan
  • LUQUE, Diana (CIAD), MURPHY, Arthur D. (UNCG), MARTINEZ-YRIZAR, Angelina and BURQUEZ, Alberto (UNAM, Hermosillo), LÓPEZ CRUZ, Gerardo (U Sonora), MANRIQUE, Tadeo (CIAD) Irrigation, Water Management and Farming Three Indigenous Biocultural Regions of Sonora, Mexico: Cucapá (Es-Pei), Yaqui (Yoeme), and Mayo (Yoreme)
  • LEAF, Murray (UT-Dallas) Experiment in Action Research in Irrigation: Methods and Ethics

SATURDAY 12:00-1:20 Parlor C

Current Research in Health Care Management and Illness Prevention, Part I (SAS)


  • KOHUT, Mike (Maine Med Ctr Rsch Inst) You’re Using It Wrong: Why Healthcare Research Needs More Anthropologists
  • MATTHEWS, Luke (RAND Corp) Quantitative Cultural Analysis of Vaccine Beliefs Suggests Novel Messaging Strategies
  • SCHENSUL, Jean (ICR) and REISINE, Susan (UConn) Building a New Measure to Explain Challenges in Oral Hygiene Self-Management

SATURDAY 1:30-3:20 Parlor C

Current Research in Health Care Management and Illness Prevention, Part II (SAS)

CHAIR: SCHENSUL, Stephen (UConn Med Sch)

  • SCHENSUL, Stephen (UConn Med Sch) The Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (Ckdu) In Sri Lanka: A Methodological Approach to Transdisciplinary Collaboration
  • WEEKS, Margaret (ICR), LOUNSBURY, David (Albert Einstein Med Coll), LI, Jianghong, BERMAN, Marcie, and GREEN, H. Danielle ((ICR) Designing a System Dynamics Model of the Complex HIV Service System to Inform Community Strategic Planning to Eliminate the Epidemic
  • ZIKER, John and SNOPKOWSKI, Kristin (Boise State U) Social and Developmental Effects on Thoughts of Suicide: Large Data Analysis from a National Sample of Children and Youth in Canada