SAS Spring 2020 Annual Meeting – Preliminary Program

The following were culled from the SfAA’s Preliminary Program and subject to change, please check the final program at the meeting for any changes.  Also, we have many SAS members who are presenting in SfAA, PESO, SMA, and other co-sponsored events that are not listed below, these are only the SAS sponsored events.

Locating Individuals in the Space of Culture (SAS) – (TH-39) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50 – Chapel

  • CHAIR: DRESSLER, William (U Alabama)
  • HENDERSON, Nicole (U Alabama) Configurations of a Cultural Model of Substance Use in Young Adults and Patients in Treatment in Brazil
  • ARNOLD, Randy (U Alabama) Cultural Consonance in Narrative: An Example in the Transition to Retirement
  • DENGAH, Francois and FALCÃO, Ana (USU) Doing Gender in Brazil: A Nested Approach to Cultural Models of Gender Roles
  • COPELAND, Toni (U Alabama) Knowledge, Behavior, and Health in the Space of Culture among HIV-Positive Women in Kenya
  • DRESSLER, William (U Alabama) Cultural Distance and Depressive Symptoms in Urban Brazil

SAS Student Panel (SAS) – (TH-94) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20 – Alvarado D

  • CHAIR: SAAD, Summar (Wayne State U)
  • CARSON, Sarah (U Penn) Republican Feminists?: Discourse Analysis at the Intersection of Women’s Leadership and Political Orientation
  • THOMAS, Michael (Wayne State U) What’s the Point of a Point of View?: Decision Making and Developing Metrics in Human-Centered Design
  • HERNANDEZ, Rodrigo and MCCURDY, Sheryl (UT SPH Houston), JONES, Eric (UT SPH El Paso) Becoming Dispossessed: Structure and Meaning in Experiences of Material Loss During Hurricane Harvey
  • SAAD, Summar (Wayne State U) “Brain death is death”: Navigating Brain Death’s ‘Fuzzy’ Boundaries in Clinical Practice

Topics in Anthropological Science I: Cultural Models and Kinship (SAS) – (TH-129) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20 – Chapel

  • CHAIR: DE MUNCK, Victor (Vilnius U)
  • DE MUNCK, Victor (Vilnius U) Do Cultural Models Exist in the Mind Or Only in Publications?
  • KRONENFELD, David (UCR) Implications of Gould’s Kinterminology Analysis System

SAS Executive Meeting (Closed Meeting) – THURSDAY 5:30-7:20 – Chapel

Topics in Anthropological Science II: Culture and Behavior (SAS) – (F-01) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50 – Alvarado A

  • SKOGGARD, Ian and EMBER, Carol R. (HRAF), FELZER, Ben (Lehigh U), PITEK, Emily (HRAF) Using Climate Data to Predict Cultural Beliefs and Behavior
  • NORDIN, Andreas (U Gothenburg) The Connection between Counterintuitive Religious Dream Content, Social Use and Religiosity: Report from a Case Study in a Hindu-Nepalese Context
  • CLOAK, Ted (Independent) Neural Images in Control of Behavior, Culture, and Cultural Evolution

Training Program & Recruitment Exhibit – FRIDAY 8:30-12:00 – North Atrium

  • This exhibit is a great chance to inform students and colleagues about graduate programs, internship opportunities, field schools, and organizations that work with applied social scientists.

Examining Resilience in Disasters: Resistance, Adaptation, Transformation (SAS) – (F-31) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50 – Alvarado A

  • MURPHY, Arthur (UNCG), LUQUE, Diana A. (CIAD-Hermosillo), and JONES, Eric C. (SPH UTH) Evolution of Trust, Exchange and Support in Post-Disaster Information Networks
  • PEREGRINE, Peter Neal (Lawrence U) Social Capital and Social Resilience: Different Approaches for Different Disasters
  • OTHS, Kathryn (U Alabama) Health and Medical Resilience in the Face of Climate Change in the Northern Peruvian Andes
  • MCCABE, J. Terrence (U Colorado) Under What Conditions Do Extreme Events Become Transformative?: An Examination of the 2008/09 Drought in Northern Tanzania

Cultural Consensus Analysis (SAS Workshop, Fee $45) – (F-78) FRIDAY 12:00-5:00 – Chaco Hotel – Gathering I

  • ORGANIZERS: GATEWOOD, John B. (Lehigh U), LOWE, John W. (Cultural Analysis)

Sugar Cane Farming Community Development: Findings of the 2019 Ethnographic Field School in Belize (SAS) – (F-91) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20 – Alvarado A

  • CHAIR: HUME, Douglas (NKU)
  • ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: HUME, Douglas (NKU), ARZU, Julia (Galen U), MYERS, Jordan (MO State U),
    STEPHENS, Jack (NKU)

Mentoring Workshop: Building Professional Networks in Anthropological Science (SAS Workshop, Fee
$20) – (F-109) FRIDAY 2:30-5:30 – Chaco Hotel – Gathering II

  • ORGANIZER: CHRISOMALIS, Stephen (Wayne State U)

SAS Reception (EVERYONE WELCOME!!!) – FRIDAY 5:30-6:50 – Alvarado A

SAS Business Meeting  (EVERYONE WELCOME!!!) – FRIDAY 7:00-9:00 – Alvarado A

Topics in Anthropological Science III: Cooperation, Refugees, and Politics (SAS) – (S-09) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50 – Chapel

  • CHAIR: LYON, Stephen (Aga Khan U)
  • LYON, Stephen (Aga Khan U) Navigating Cultural Politics in Modern Pakistan
  • JOHNSON, Jeffrey and SCHON, Justin (UFL) Classifying Refugee Flows: Towards a Macro Level Theory of Refugee Flow Networks
  • QIRKO, Hector (College of Charleston) The Role of Culture in Human Cooperation

Ethnographic Field and Data Analysis Methods: One-on-one Mentoring (SAS) – (S-39) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50 – Chaco Hotel – Gathering II – New Location!

  • Materials (manuscripts, video tutorials, etc.) may be found here!
  • CHAIRS: HUME, Douglas (NKU), CARSON, Sarah (U Penn)
    (U Texas), LEAF, Murray (UT-Dallas), CHRISOMALIS, Stephen (Wayne State U), LYON, Stephen (Aga Khan U),
    OTHS, Kathryn (U Alabama), LOWE, John (Cultural Analysis), GATEWOOD, John B. (Lehigh U)