SAS/SASci Executive Board Member Elections

We will hold an independent election in the winter (December/January) and the winner of these elections will go forward as uncontested candidates for the AAA elections in the spring. We do this to ensure that our executive boards remain the same, while still giving our non-AAA members full suffrage. The Society depends entirely on its members for guidance and initiative in promoting the best scholarship and science within our discipline (both in academic institutions and among professional practitioners). So please consider running for office and think seriously about what you think the Society can do for its membership.

In addition to our in person meetings (at the AAA and in the spring meetings, currently held in conjunction with the Society for Applied Anthropology), the SAS/SASci Executive Board meeting roughly bimonthly in video conference meetings).

We are looking for nominees for the following offices:

  • President-Elect— this is the longest commitment. It is two years, followed by two years as President, followed by two years as Past-President. In total, anyone running for this office needs to sign for 6 years of fun.
  • Secretary – Two year tenure. The Secretary takes minutes during the business meetings (open to all members) and the executive business meetings an is a full, voting member of the Executive Board.
  • Executive Board Member – Three year tenure. We elect an Executive Board Member every year and each year the specific roles and responsibilities for the Board members rotate (from Junior-Middle-Senior) The responsibilities include being on the organising committee of the spring meetings and the student paper prizes and in chairing each of those committees in one of the years of the role.
  • Student Representative – Two year tenure. The student rep is a very important position on the SAS/SASci executive board. We have two student reps and elect a new one each year in alternative years. Our student reps are vital for ensuring that the executive board remain responsive to the challenges and needs of our early career colleagues to ensure that we are doing everything possible to support the healthy development of our discipline.

Anyone interested in running for office, or with suggestions for who might be a good person to approach, please email Stephen Lyon with suggestions.