Recruitment drive: Invite your students!

Within the Society for Anthropological Sciences, we particularly hope to cultivate the careers of students from the undergraduate level through to doctoral studies, and beyond, to postdocs and into careers as academic and practicing anthropologists. As a college teacher myself, I know how much my students depend on mentorship for building their first and critical social networks as they professionalize within the discipline.

That’s why I’m writing to you today to invite you to recommend to your undergraduate and graduate students to add SAS as a section to their AAA student membership.   Many of your students may not know of SAS – have you ever talked to them about it?  They probably aren’t on this email list.  They may or may not know about our Facebook page or our Twitter account (@AnthroSciences).   They may never have seen our website (

For them to add a section, they go to and then click ‘Login’ at the top, entering the email and password for their account.  Then they click on ‘Add Section Membership’ at the left, then check the Society for Anthropological Sciences box on the sections list that follows.  They follow the links, enter payment information, etc. They can also renew their AAA or other section memberships at the same time.   And that’s it! 

Membership in SAS is only $10 yearly, and for students, this makes them eligible not only to participate in our additional spring meeting (held in conjunction with SfAA) but also for our H. Russell Bernard student paper prizes and SAS travel awards. Within the past three years, we have held a number of professional workshops of high relevance for students designing projects, seeking to advance their careers, or learn relevant methods not accessible at their home institutions.  And our mentor-matching program allows students and early-career researchers to meet and network with senior mentors outside their home institution.

The 2020 AAA meetings coming up in St. Louis are a great opportunity for this sort of participation. Your students are strongly encouraged to submit papers and posters either individually or as part of an organized panel, with SAS as the review section. In the past two years all papers submitted for SAS review have been accepted.

Our goal is to recruit 20 new student members this month. Can you help us?

If your students would like more information about SAS from the student perspective, I strongly encourage them to contact one of our two student board members for more information:

Sarah Carson

Summar Saad

Also you can recommend that they follow us on Twitter @AnthroSciences.  And, of course, if you or your students have any questions, feel free to contact me at