WELCOME to the Society for the Anthropological Sciences—East

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The Society for the Anthropological Sciences (SASci) has expanded to Europe and West, Central and South Asia!  We are planning our first Euro-Asian Conference at Vilnius University, Lithuania on June 17-19th 2021.  The title of the conference is: Old Discipline, New Trajectories: Theories, Methods and Practices in Anthropology.

We expect to have annual conferences at different locations thereafter.  SASci-East (as we call ourselves for now) was formed to provide a “home” for socio-cultural and linguistic anthropologists as well as archeologists and bio-evolutionary anthropologists who identify themselves and seek to connect with scientifically minded anthropologists.  We do not neglect the humanistic aspect of anthropology and embrace it as part of the unity implicit in the study of human lifeways and the cultural stuff that gives meaning, direction and collective identities to us.  We see the upcoming conference as an important foundational step to establishing SASci-East.

Vilnius University is very supportive of the conference and will provide rooms for large as well as small panels. There are many hotels and some university accommodations that will be available to conference participants.  The prices for hotels within walking distance from Vilnius University are around € 50-75 per room and can easily be found, especially if you look early. Vilnius is a city of around 600,000 people, it has a beautiful downtown with an architectural style akin to Italian urban centers. Public transportation is cheap and easy to use.  Vilnius is also an extremely safe and comfortable city, where you will find people walking into the midnight hours without angst. There are no “unsafe” districts. Of course, no place is one hundred percent safe.

About the Conference: Old Discipline, New Trajectories: Theories, Methods and Practices in Anthropology.

Registration: € 120 full professors.  € 100 associate/assistant professors; € 80 EU adjuncts, underemployed PhDs, graduate students; € 60 EU students and non-professionals coming for a day.

Panels: Organize a panel or send in an individual paper. Individually submitted papers will be organized in panels. For single applicants please let us know what type of panel you would be most comfortable in.  Individuals can present in one panel and be a chair or organizer on a second panel, but one cannot be a member in two panel sessions. Student panels are highly encouraged.

Plenary speakers: There will be three different plenary speakers: one from each of the three geographic regions: south Asia, central-west Asia, and Europe. The plenary talks will take place each evening at 7.

Posters: We will have an exhibition hall for people who want to display their research in a large-board format.

Roundtables, visual session: we will have discussion sessions.  You are welcome to develop a discussion or have a visual session in addition to a panel.  Discussion sessions will be vetted by the SASci-East board and should have at least three participants. They can be on any subject you deem relevant to the main theme of the conference.

Anthro Jam: These will be held in a room that will be open from 1 pm till 4 pm.  A student will be present to sign you in.  It is organized along a poetry or music jam. We expect that the main theme will be stories of fieldwork experiences or fieldwork/academic tales. Themes are open to your personal preference. Each person will have a maximum of 15-20 minutes depending on attendance.

Mentoring room: Undergraduate or graduate students who might also be panelists, will meet up with potential mentors who will assist them with questions and issues they have as they move along their career trajectory.  Those interested in being mentored will provide a statement about their area of specialization, where they are along the career trajectory, and what advise they are looking for. Volunteer professors will be connected with the students and they will have a room available for discussion or make arrangements on their own.  

Dinner lottery: This is optional of course, but if you are in the mood to have dinner with people other than those you already know or are in your panel, you can enter your name In a dinner lottery.  Five people will be chosen and notified that they are to have dinner together via text message. We think this is a good way to meet and exchange ideas with new people who are, after all, fellow anthropologists.

Proceedings of Conference: VU press has agreed to publish proceeding papers.  A selection committee will select papers presented at the conference and invite authors to submit full written versions. We hope to have three sets of proceeding papers to cover the three themes of the conference: theories, methods, and practices.

Book Exhibition:  We will invite European publishers and expect to have a publishing/book exhibition room made available to them.

Vilnius Walk and Visit to Trakai Castle: A walk through historic Vilnius and bus ride to Trakai Castle. On closing day, we will have a bus to take conference participants to beautiful Trakai castle, about 15 km outside of Vilnius.  We will also have an earlier walking tour of Senamiestis “old town”.