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AAA 2016 Program Planning Page

The program planning committee for the AAA 2016 meetings in Milwaukee is Murray Leaf (Chair), Giovanni Bennardo , Stephen Chrisomalis, and Douglas Hume.

Work Calendar:

The basic schedule we have from the AAA is that we should be able to say if the section is the “right fit” for proposals we have received by April 15.

By April 30 we should forward all proposals that are not a good fit to appropriate other sections.

By May 6 we should select invited sessions, sponsored sessions, and co-sponsored sessions.

By June 3 we should create panels from individually volunteered papers, rank all sessions, and suggest programming times for those likely to be of particularly great interest.

We should start to finalize the Schedule on June 27.

Our Plan: 

We will use this for proposing and discussing possible panels. As discussion moves ahead, we can divide it into a section for each idea that is accepted as a panel by enough people to work on it.

At our AAA 2015 Business meeting, there was a brief discussion of a few possible panels. Does anyone have anything to report on them?